Internet Phone (wifi phone)

Get a real phone number to use with your smart phone and on the internet.
Make and receive phone calls from your smart phone or web browser.
Get a 2nd line (OR 1st LINE!) on your phone cheap.
Replace your cell phone service and save money.
Works the same as long as you have internet.
Internet phone is the wave of the future.
Worldwide service with local phone numbers from Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, Britain and 80 other countries.

Apple's iOS and Google's Android recently have built in VOIP so internet phones function and perform the same as cell phones. You couldn't tell the difference in most cases. Instead of paying $50 - $100 for cell phone service you can pay $3 -$10. Of course it only works when you have an internet connection so you will need wifi if you don't have cellular service. If you do have cellular service it works 99.9% of the time and is great for a second or third phone line. You can get a local phone line in Brazil and you can call there at low rates and they can call you thinking you're local.

Incoming text
Outgoing text
Incoming voice
Outgoing voice
Route:You pay the highest price of the route. Example: If calling from mobile to local and mobile price is more you will pay the mobile price. Prices in U.S. Dollars.
If a number type doesn't show a capability then it doesn't exist.
Internet access required.
USA- Local numbers are $2.99 per month. Calls are 2.3 to 3 cents per minute. Texts are 1.6 cents each plus 3.5 cents per picture. Calls to Alaska cost $.1455 per minute. After purchasing a phone number you must credit your account a minimum of $2.50 in order to use it.
× Note: Phone numbers can be used only on our iOS app, Android app and Firefox webbrowser (all free). International calls are extra. All prices in U.S. Dollars. After you purchase a phone number you will need to buy minutes to use it. The minimum minutes purchase amount is $2.50.

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Honest Pricing

We charge $2.99/ month with 30 minutes calls/texts included and 3 cents per minute/text thereafter.

No Ads and we don't sell your phone number to telemarketers.

Simple and easy to use, just download the app (ios only), buy a number and start calling.

No Hidden Charges.

Choose your VOIP phone number.

Wifi Phone Receive calls and make calls just as you normally would but for a lot less money. Created for iOS 10+ and Apple's newest power saving features. Extremely low power usage.



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